Do you know someone with a Golden Voice?

Every day around the world, people communicate with each other to try and further their day.

They have goals they want to complete and the only way they can reach them is by working with others as a team.

Some people are great at communicating. They seem to have this natural ‘flow’ about them where every word rolls off the tongue like they had been preparing for each sentence in the mirror the night before! Not only are their words succinct, the tone and mannerisms they have used to express their point has had everyone in the room listening.

We all know those people. Conversations with them are fun and everyone wants to join the party.

You can a great public speaker too

Right now this may sound like a big leap to think of yourself raising your voice in the meeting to make a point. Perhaps you can’t imagine it right now because you think your voice is not capable of producing a resonant and vibrant tone, but with a bit of effort and a healthy attitude, we can help turn you from being someone who stumbles through their words into a confident and present speaker.

Our Public Speaking course works for just about any profession where you are using your voice to work with people. Read on to find out more.

What is this Voice Training?

Voice Training teaches you to use your voice so that you can convey your desired message to others so that it is understood clearly.

How do you teach Voice Training?

  1. Personal Objectives We always start off by discussing with you how you feel about your voice and how it affects your life right now. We can then work together to establish some personal objectives for the voice training that we can work towards. Here are a few examples:
    • Speak with more confidence
    • Speak with power and authority
    • Speak with a clearer voice, so people understand you better and stop asking you to repeat yourself
    • Speak with a warmer, more colourful tone, so that people around you smile
    These are just a few examples, you might have something a bit more specific that you would like to ask us about.
  2. Vocal Warm-ups You wouldn’t go to the gym and start lifting weights without a warm-up to get ready, so why would you put your voice under stress when it isn’t ready either? We start each Public Speaking session by taking you through a series of exercises that limber up your vocal muscles and get them ready for some heavier lifting that they may not have experienced before.
  3. Tongue Twisters Often overlooked, we take you through a set of tongue twisters that will unravel your tied up mouth that has been locked tight for too long.
  4. Breathing and Posture Core to a great voice is breathe control and posture. These are what supply you with the power to give to your vocal chords. Each session, we will work on drilling into you good habits so that your lungs have the ability to match the objectives which we set earlier.
  5. Singing Exercises rEADING One of the best ways to exercise your speaking voice is to sing. Everyone has a few favourite songs so this can be a great way to relax and use the techniques we teach just about anywhere.
  6. READING You will be asked to choose a passage of text to prep for the lesson, which we will dissect and work on over a number of weeks to improve your spoken voice.

Tell us your singing objective