About Happy Voices

We teach aspiring singers to express themselves with authenticity and confidence

Introducing Hannah,
Head Vocal Coach, Happy Voices

“Welcome to Happy Voices!

Throughout my industry experience, I started to notice when new students contacted me, there was a common theme to what they wanted to do with their voice: they all wanted control, vocal colour and, always, confidence.

I started to get emails from people all the time asking for top tips and exercises on how to achieve these aims. These were people intimated by what they saw on talent shows on television, and yet they were intrigued by it at the same time; those who had never been apart of the school choir, or were being spoken over in meetings at work; who doubted their ability to sing, to karaoke or to speak, or whose voice cracked the moment they needed it to be strong. This led me to the dawning realization that:

People all over the world use their voices every day, and yet, most of them don’t know how

How do you use your voice in a happy and healthy way? How can you use it to get what you want? How do you control your voice?

And importantly, how on earth do I reach out to all these people and help them to answer that question?

I wanted to reach these people, ‘musical’ or ‘non-musical’, ‘beginner’ or ‘novice’, school choir or no school choir, and share knowledge with them, helping them gain control, colour and confidence in the everyday voice, singing or spoken.

This is my aim! To help beginners gain control of their voices, without the need for a ‘musical background’.

So, if you would like to learn more about your voice:

  • Read through this website! There’s loads of information to absorb…
  • Follow my free online videos taking you through vocal techniques step-by-step
  • Sign up to the Happy Voices mailing list for weekly updates
  • Pre-order our 12 week singing guide (coming soon!)
  • Sign up for a one-to-one vocal coaching consultation with Hannah

All of these will help you be have a stronger, happier and healthier relationship with your voice.

Hannah x “

How Happy Voices Came To Being:

Hannah began to sing from an early age, learning in choirs and finding her voice through performance. She then trained at Scottish Opera followed by a Masters at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Her career in acting and more research led to the opening of Happy Voices™, a Glasgow-based singing school teaching anyone and everyone who wanted to learn about how to use their voice in a healthy and happy way.

But why Happy Voices?

Increasingly, it became a recurring pattern that students were approaching Hannah because, ultimately, they wanted more confidence – they saw the voice as a vehicle to more confidence (which it absolutely is…!)

The overriding message coming through hundreds and hundred of emails and new students was this overwhelming desire to feel happier in their own skin by producing a true, authentic and confident sound in their every speaking and singing voice.

More Confidence = More Happiness = Happy Voices!

Also, a ‘happy voice’ is very much a healthy one. Daily practise, anatomical knowledge and an awareness of how the voice is affected by external stimuli such as dairy, smoke, pollen etc, can be read about in the vocal health section of the website.

By placing confidence and health at the centre of the singing lessons Hannah teaches, the results have been incredible. And we’re only just getting started! Happy Voices has helped 100s of students achieve their aims (you can read of their success stories below).

It is now 2018, and Happy Voices prides itself on helping students gain vocal control in a healthy and happy way. Together, we hope to bring life-changing and new-found authority to voices all round the world, including YOUR VOICE!

What Happy Voices Can Do For You:

Improve Your Confidence And Speak With Authority

Enjoy finding more strength in your own sound! Your communication will improve across the board, whether at home with the family, out with friends or at work.

Advance Your Career In Performing Arts

Upcoming auditions can throw an actor with “sing 16 bars” igniting the fear into any performer’s soul. Overcome this by preparing a small ‘rep book’ of 3-5 songs to have in the back pocket for those situations.

Are you more vocally confident and want to work in technical-detail? Our teachers use techniques ranging from Estill to Nadine George to Laban to Bel canto to Husler to Alexander Technique and more! You can rely on her to bring a number of different dialogues to the table in relation to your vocal choices.

Impress Your Friends & Family With Your Singing Voice

Is there an event upcoming which you like to surprise somebody using your voice? Have you always sat out of karaoke? Are you new to university and would like to try your hand at an open mic night? Your singing teacher can help you prepare your song, and also (importantly) your MIND for upcoming performances, especially if it’s your first time singing in public! It’s nerve-racking for sure, but in embracing our fears, we learn the most. Take the risk and you will end up loving it!

What Happy Voices Offers

Private Singing Lessons

Your lesson can include any of the following:

  • Vocal health consultation
  • Warm ups to take away with you and practise every day
  • Breathing technique and vocal release work
  • Posture correction
  • Anatomy of the larynx and the respiratory system in relation to voice
  • Running through your song choices from any genre
  • Public speaking/everyday vocal work
  • Confidence boosting
  • What we call ‘song-mapping’, charting your story through song
  • One-to-one feedback after every lesson via email

Group Classes

We can travel to your workplace/singing group/choir and run a group session. Singing can act as a great corporate ice-breaker in the office, whilst singing groups/choir can wholly enrich their sound by investing a couple hours in technique and learning about common mistakes in singing practise.

Recording Sessions

Would you like to prepare and record a song? We can run a session for you, edit the final take and send you the MP3 within a week. Some students have used these as presents, others like to share these on social media for fun, others just like to have a bash for the novelty! Have a go – it’s super fun!