About Happy Voices

We teach aspiring singers to express themselves with authenticity and confidence

Introducing Hannah Howie
Head Vocal Coach, Happy Voices

“In my experience, we all want the same thing in our voices – confidence.

People get inspired by talent shows on television, trending Tiktoks, incredible theatre, songs on the radio… and yet feel too intimidated to sing in front of anyone.

Maybe you were never apart of the school choir. Maybe you are spoken over in meetings at work. Maybe someone told you once that ‘you can’t sing’. Whatever your history, I can help you. 

We use our voices every day, and yet, most of us just don’t know how. It’s as simple as that!

Imagine using your voice in a happy and healthy way. Imagine using your voice to get what you want. Imagine unlocking your vocal confidence, and the many doors that will open for you…

This is my aim; to help people gain more confidence in their voices. That’s it!

If you would like to learn more about your voice, have a read through the website, follow my free warm up exercises, and get in touch for a lesson.

I can’t wait to help you. 



What Happy Voices Can Do For You:

1. Improve Your Confidence And Speak With Authority

Enjoy finding more strength in your own sound. Your communication will improve across the board, whether at home with the family, out with friends or at work.

2. Advance Your Career In Performing Arts

Upcoming auditions can throw an actor with “sing 16 bars” igniting the fear into any performer’s soul. Overcome this by preparing a small ‘rep book’ of 3-5 songs to have in the back pocket for those situations.

Are you more vocally confident and want to work in technical-detail? We use techniques ranging from Estill to Nadine George to Laban to Bel canto to Husler to Alexander Technique and more! You can rely on Hannah to bring a number of different dialogues to the table in relation to your vocal choices.

3. Impress Your Friends & Family With Your Singing Voice

Is there an event upcoming which you like to surprise somebody using your voice? Have you always sat out of karaoke? Are you new to university and would like to try your hand at an open mic night? We can help you prepare your song, and also (importantly) your MIND for upcoming performances, especially if it’s your first time singing in public! It’s nerve-racking for sure, but in embracing our fears, we learn the most. Take the risk and you will end up loving it!