Whilst teaching a singing lesson yesterday, I was reminded of the incredible power of back and torso anchoring. What it can do to the quality of your vocal sound is quite incredible!

When you listen to the great singers; you know the people who really WOW a crowd and turn heads, you’ll start to notice a clear connection between their body and their voice. Many people think to themselves – oh they are born with that sound, but in reality you can sing like that too.

I have a super easy technique that will allow you to take a shortcut to getting that amazing embodied vocal connection that so many singers dream of.

the PLANK.

People use this technique in the gym to work on their abdominal muscles, but when I start getting people to do it during singing lessons, people think I’m having a laugh.

The truth is though that when you get down in the plank and sing the same phrase you’ve been working on, your body will re-connect with your vocal chords and the sound quality you produce will feel much more complete.

Who would have thought it? Forget going to the gym! Just attending singing lessons will have you ripped!

How and why the plank works on your vocal connection:

Try these exercises:planking vocal connection

  1. Pretend to squeeze oranges under your arms
  2. Pretend you are about to fall off a bridge backwards
  3. Plank – keep those bums down!
  4. pretend to lift two heavy bags, one on each arm
  5. Grab your pilates stretch-band, and pull apart at waist level (you can add a wee 2nd position ballet plie in there at the same time)

Feel that difference? You are currently anchoring your Lats, Pecs, and Quadratus Lumborum Muscles

i.e.: back and torso!

Some technical explanation of how this improve your voice:

Think of your voice like a wee ladder, your larynx represented by a rung on the ladder, whilst your support system is the big bars either side. If your big bars are wonky or weak, do you expect the rung to hold when you stand on it and apply a bit of pressure? Or would it crack and fall out of place? Unless you are a small cat, I predict the latter!

Similarly, the voice is more likely to crack and strain when under great pressure whilst not properly supported. By engaging your back and torso (via the exercises above) you are one step closer to ensuring healthier vocal technique whilst creating a wholly richer and more embodied sound.

So, abs anyone?




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