When you hear some people sing, their voice can be described as nothing but moving. You turn to someone and say, “they are a great singer”, but what does it take to become a great singer?

Here are my thoughts on the matter:

1. They hit the right notes

Okay, so this is quite elementary, but an absolute essential. Great singers hit every every note in the song without failure.

How do they manage this?

Nothing other than good old practice. They will spend at least an hour every day warming their voice up against a recording or a piano.

This exercise will allow their muscles to build a memory of where the right notes fall when singing. So, when it comes the time to sing their desired song, they don’t have to think applying their voice, it does all of the work for them.

2. They know their songs off-book.

Memorising your songs is so important for singers. It allows them to concentrate on embracing the song itself and having a connection with the audience.

Recently, I wrote about some memory techniques that you can use to remember your songs.

3. They have an excellent posture

Great singers are able to give a lot of power in their voice, but where does all that power come from?

It’s from their core, but their body’s core needs plenty of support.

And, that’s where your stance and posture come to play.

Think of where a lot of the power from your singing actually comes from. It’s your core.

You need to give your core the support it needs through a straight posture, allowing your lungs plenty of room to expand.

If your hunched over, there is no way that you can have as much intensity in your voice.

Tip: look into working on your posture and the power will follow.