As many of you know, I teach singing lessons in Glasgow.

And from those lessons, we’ve had some amazing results with students nailing their auditions, landing theatre and cruise jobs. We’ve had beginners jump into amateur dramatics and we’ve even had people sing for their first audiences at open mic nights (a tremendous step to take for early level singers).

I’m not highlighting these things to show that the Happy Voices teaching style or method really works (it does). And, I’m not mentioning these feats because I am so proud of my students (I am).

The reason I am mentioning these amazing results from the Happy Voices singing lessons are that I want to highlight to those reading that one simple change can make an enormous difference to the results from your singing lessons.

It’s So Simple: Set a Goal.

When you have a target that you are working towards, you will feel the yourself pulled towards it. The homework that you have received from your singing teacher will feel meaningful.

It will feel right and that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to.

Every time you work closer to that goal and see the positive results, you will be further motivated to continue towards it.

What happens if you neglect to set a goal during your singing lessons?

When you set a goal, it gives you a reason why you are doing it. Why learn ‘this’ song – to land a job, to step up and become the frontman/woman of a band.

The thing is, if you can’t answer the question: why continue? Then you won’t follow through and get somewhere with what you are learning. That goes for everything in life really, not just singing lessons.

The way we designed Happy Voices singing lessons, we always start with why.

Why do you want to learn to sing?

Sometimes it starts with just ‘I enjoy singing, I want to learn how to do it properly’, but that often grows into something much more deep rooted.

People soon want to use their new skill for something; one of our students will be singing at his wedding – how romantic is that!?

I am so delighted with how things have gone with Happy Voices over the past few months and proud to have taught and be teaching so many wonderful personalities.

Having said that, I am now reaching full capacity for students (I may have a few couple of spaces per week left if you are really keen) so will be creating some online singing lesson exercises in due course so that when I do become fully booked, those who want to learn to sing still have the opportunity to do so.

For Happy Voices existing students, I would appreciate it so much if you could leave a few kind words on my review page – it makes me so happy when I receive some nice words.

Thanks for reading,
Hannah Howie,
Happy Voices