There are billions of people who have dreams. They want something great. They want to be great. Yet, most of these people fail.

We are going to start this singing course by addressing why people fail to achieve their dreams while others soar high above the rest.

That way, you can be among the few people who reach their dreams.

Why Most People Fail


A profound word isn’t it? Of all the questions, it is the hardest to answer and the reason is because it is so simple.

“Simple things are almost always the hardest to explain, Julie. Showing someone how to tie a shoelace is easy. Explaining it is almost impossible.”
― Daniel Quinn, My Ishmael

Not clearly articulating a ‘WHY’ is inexplicably linked to the reason why most people fail.

They know what they are doing, they know how they are doing it, but they don’t know why!

It’s so easy to pick a new hobby or skill or even a career up now.

All you need to do is ‘Google it’ and you’ll have a quick start guide right in front of you.

But, that’s all it is. A quick. Start. Guide.

For you, to continue and to see yourself grow, you need to understand deep within you why you are doing what you are doing.

That way, in a period of time after you have begun and when the pursuit of that skill becomes difficult (and it always does) and your brain begins to question why you are following that endeavor; if you cannot provide a good enough answer then you will stop fighting for your dream.

And, it will slowly fade away.

Your heart needs to be in it right from the start, to pull you along when the going gets tough.

That is why you need to understand your WHY. And, that is why most people fail.

They quit.

How Can You Avoid Failure and Achieve Your Dream?

You’ve got to embrace your why. It’s your personal mission.

Why isn’t a specific ‘thing’ like I want to be able to have a specific vocal range or to be the lead actor on a show.

That’s is just WHAT you do. Not WHY.

By determining your WHY, you share what you believe to be true from your perspective.

And, that can only really come from deep down.

Here is an example of someone’s WHY:

“I believe the world is a performance for everyone to enjoy. That through story, you can change peoples’ lives.”

Using the mantra above, the person can take it through so many walks of life with them. They just need to make sure that WHAT they are doing and HOW they are doing is it is true to that statement.

And, when they do that, they will be living with integrity to themselves.

They will know who they are because they are dancing to the beat of their own drum.

Exercise: How To Find Your Own WHY

It’s not easy and it does take a concentrated effort of thinking and expressing who you are, but once you’ve got your WHY, your pretty much set.

Time Required: 60 minutes

Piece of Paper
Pen / Pencil
An open mind

Now, what we are going to create a spider diagram that allows you to discover your own self-truths so that we can establish a few themes about you.

Turn your page so it is landscape and in the middle, write ‘WHY’. Draw a cloud round it.


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