Audition Preparation

It’s no secret that the audition set up is a strange and intimidating one.

It can seem rather gratuitous trying to create show-like performances in a small and often badly lit room in front of a panel who have been sitting there all day.

Yet some people seem to recalled again and again.

Some people can manage their nerves and book the job, get their place or be cast in the dream part. So there must be something they are doing right.

Do you have an upcoming audition? Is it for an acting job, a drama school or a local theatre? And if so, how prepared do you feel?

If the answer is ‘not at all’, Happy Voices can help you.

Through our tried and tested method, we can help you prepare successfully for that audition and importantly, leave the room feeling proud of what you have achieved.

We have students now fulfilling their dreams at top drama schools and on the stage as a result of this coaching.

The best piece of advice is to prepare, prepare and prepare. And not just your chosen monologues or songs, but your plan B options and your general knowledge of the potential job.

Furthermore, this process of preparation will improve your control of nerves. When you’re nervous, do you forget lyrics? Do you speak too quickly and unclearly? Do you come across authentically as you, or a bundle of stress?

And think about it, if you enter an audition room feeling nervous already, add some more pressure, a sprinkling of self-awareness and a whole heap of adrenalin, and then imagine how you will perform…

The question is, if you were on the other side of the table, would you want to hire/accept/cast you?

If the answer is no, get in touch. By guiding you through your preparation journey, from applications to repertoire choices to what you will wear on the day, we can help you walk into the audition feeling ready to perform, listen and deliver.