New Year – Kaboom!

Electricity is in the air of people recovering from their celebrations and starting off new journeys.

You might be wondering what to get your teeth into for the next year… I propose that you learn to sing!

If you don’t like singing, then okay fair enough, then maybe it isn’t the right thing for you.

However, if you do actually like to sing, but just feel that you aren’t enjoying it as much as you could do or just that you want more from your voice than just a casual song in the shower, it’s time to learn a happy and healthy singing method.

And, what do you know?! That is what we do here at Happy Voices. We teach Singing Lessons in Glasgow. If you would like to start lessons then head over to our contact page and together, we’ll figure out how to make your voice stand out in a happy and healthy way.

Okay, now on with those 3 reasons WHY singing will make your 2016 amazing!?

  1. Reaching out for a goal

  2. Everybody needs a goal to work towards. It gives you a purpose. A higher sense of self that pulls you forward and gets you out of bed in the morning. And, when you set a goal and work towards it every day, it makes you feel ecstatic. REALLY, it does.

    And, when you realise the rewards of your hard work: a larger vocal range, better speech clarity, more authority when speaking and often the joy of pleasing others with your voice too… you’ll be jumping in the air!

  3. Healthy habits and routines

  4. Singing isn’t just a thing you do, it’s a way of life. When you say to yourself “I am a singer”, it’s like a vow to yourself to take care of your vocal chords as best as you possibly can.

    That does mean you need to work hard in taking care of them by avoiding some foods that you really like, but like we said earlier, when you realise the benefits of having a healthy voice you won’t look back.

  5. Confidence

Having command of your voice is closely linked with your confidence levels. Using your voice, you communicate so much with other people. Imagine talking to people so that they really listened. Imagine public-speaking becoming second nature to you. Imagine wowing your friends with a new skill and new you!

Hannah Howie

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