Sometimes it takes a little push to get you going.

Recently I watched the film whiplash – quick synopsis – a music teacher at a famous school will do whatever it takes to push his students to breaking point trying to find the next prodigy.

Although, I don’t agree with how far he pushes his students, I do believe that the performances that were in front of the band encouraged them all to work harder towards.

It’s almost like externalising your goal so that you are not allowed to give up because people are relying on you.

If you don’t have a performance coming up yet, here is what you need to do to get one:

1. A great way to build your confidence in performing, a choir is a great place to start singing.

They are always performing and practicing. There is a double benefit of participating in a choir – obviously, you practice with them for concerts, but the other aspect is that to ensure you are up to scratch, you will likely begin to practice by yourself before choir practice!

Seriously, it is a great thing to do. Singing with others will also help you find pitch as you will be regularly comparing your sound to others. And, if you are really out, you are likely going to be given a little help by the conductor.

2. Get yourself a singing teacher.

Although it is only in front of one person, it can still technically be regarded as a performance.

You choose a song, perform it. Get taught the best practices for using your voice.

Take those practices and exercises that you have learnt and go over them. Then, you come back in a week having completed the exercises and do it again. Once you’ve nailed it, you move onto the next song until you’ve nailed that one too.

Eventually, you will build up a bit of a repertoire and you can advance towards your singing goal whatever that may be.

3. Get on the karaoke!

When you go to a karaoke venue, there are some good singers, some awful singers, some great ones and others that are just plain tone deaf!

By giving yourself a goal of singing in front of a group of your friends, you’ll strive even harder for success.

But, remember if you don’t overdo the alcohol. You want to be able to recreate confidence in sober environments and all alcohol will do is dry out your throat and give you an extra tonne of confidence that you wouldn’t normally have.