Singing Resources

We’ve been working hard at Happy Voices to teach great singing lessons and to create online singing content for you to browse at your leisure. However, what I realised was that what we are missing is a catalogue of items from around the internet that provide you with loads of different information about your voice.

So, what we’ve decided to do is to create that catalogue. In time, we’ll take all of the best parts of singing and have a whole library of videos and content for you to use, but in the meanwhile here are some selected singing resources from around the internet.

Vocal Anatomy

Books about singing

Vocal Exercises

Health and Fitness

Singing Careers

Timing, Tempo and Rhythm

Techniques – confidence, microphone, performance

Singing Techniques and exercises

Singing lesson information – Home study courses, Lesson plans, Singing teachers,


Online Software



Warming up

Performance tips / advice

Microphone technique

How to have a stage presence

Audition tips / advice

Practice tips


Build a more resonant voice

Vocal Health

Fitness for singers

What to eat / What not to eat

What to drink / What not to drink

What to do when you’re ill

Clearing your throat

Singing Lessons

Wearing earplugs –


Why singing lessons are worthwhile

Setting goals with your singing teacher

Making sure that you are making progress

Writing Songs

Learning Lyrics

What type of learner are you?

Building a repertoire of songs

What Vocal Style suits you best?

Vocal Range

Ear pitch perfect

How to increase your vocal range

Finding your musical rhyme



Musical theory

Career Advice

Getting gigs