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  • Flexible lesson structure to cater to different learning styles
  • Tried and tested programme that has led to highly successful students
  • Holistic approach works on confidence early on for long term results


Hannah Howie, Singing Teacher

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feedback from students

“I started working with Hannah just over 8 months ago. I was a complete novice. I had never sung in front of anyone before… Recently I have just been featured in my first musical as a minor principle and ensemble. Hannah is patient and extremely knowledgeable. She works with you to determine your ability and her vocal warm ups are great fun. After each lesson she always provides email feedback and encouragement. I would most definitely recommend Hannah as a teacher!

– Iain, Singing Student

The last three days have been wonderful! A fabulous experience! I have learnt so much under your instruction and I now feel confident in pursuing, hopefully, a career in Opera.

– Nina, Singing Student

more information and feedback here

Benefits of learning to sing

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]If you are thinking “I love singing” but need a reason, don’t worry because we’ve got a whole bunch:[/text_block]


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  • Better breathing – regular exercise of your lungs helps tone your intercostal muscles and your diaphragm – More info
  • Sleep better with reduced snoring – It has been found that regular singing can help free your airways, give you a better night sleep and reduce your snoring (your partner will be thrilled) – More info
  • Improved blood circulation – as a result of increased aerobic capacity, your body will enjoy a healthier heart and reduced muscle tension – More info
  • Singing tones your facial muscles -as a result of facial muscle exercise, it can actually help rejuvenate your face – More info
  • Improved posture – you’ll only really be using your voice at full capacity when you are working a great posture so when this becomes a habit, you’ll end up with a propped up back all the time.- More info
  • Increased mental alertness – more aerobic exercise leads to a greater intake of oxygen, allowing you to be much more switched on – More info
  • Excellent Brain Trainer – who needs brain training apps when singing works all of those important muscles in the brain for you? For example, core musical aspects such to music will help you work on your pitch, rhythm and timbre. While working on your lyrics will help your language and memory skills, your fine motor behaviour, your emotions and visual imagery – More info
  • A source of pain relief – More info



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  • Self-Esteem and Confidence builder – by working towards a singing goal and smashing it, you’ll feel worthy and accomplished for the work you’ve put in – More info
  • Mood Enhancer – More info
  • Stress Reliever – More info



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Is singing an art or science?

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_color=”%23ffffff”]Many people forget that singing as an art form is not just a way to express yourself to others. It is also a way for you to reflect on your own truths that make you are who you are.

As you will learn, the way we teach singing encompasses not only the technical aspect of how to use your voice in a way that is healthy and happy, we also take a holistic approach that gives your songs depth and feeling.

Our expert teachers will make you fall in love with your sound so that you can use these truths to give yourself and those around you joy.[/text_block]