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Learn how to take your singing to the next level on your journey towards professional speaking & singing

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Learn A Valuable Skill

Singing is an amazing hobby that can benefit your career and personal life

Boost Your Confidence

Overcome challenges and make progress toward your goals

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Have a great time on your road to becoming a successful singer

Student Testimonials

Justyna Kochanska

“I could say without a shadow of a doubt that it has changed my life and had an amazing impact in my professional career”

Amy Espie

“Hannah is one of the most inspiring, truly talented and dedicated singing teachers I have had the chance to train under!”

Alan Gillespie

“Having never spoken in public, nevermind sing, Hannah had the patience to take a complete novice and have me doing karaoke”

Meet Hannah, Head Vocal Coach

Hi, I’m Hannah!

I’ve spent the last 15 years uncovering the intricacies and complexities of the voice. And, it’s opened doors for me in ways I never thought imaginable.

From playing lead theatrical roles, touring internationally with my own shows, supporting the one and only Michael Ball, to voicing characters on blockbuster video games, my career so far has been eclectic and fun. 

But, after being approached by a number of aspiring singers, I saw that I could make an even greater impact through teaching (not that I’ve stopped performing!).

For 99% of students though, the problem wasn’t their voice… they just needed more confidence!

I started Happy Voices to help people realise that learning to sing is more than just being able to hold a note in tune.

It’s about being able to express yourself confidently; to speak and sing with intention and most importantly, to feel happy with your own voice.

Hundreds of people have changed their lives by uncovering their true voice… from advancing their careers to improving their relationships.

Are you ready to join in?

Hannah Howie, Singing Teacher

Hannah Howie

Hannah is an actor and voice coach based in Glasgow. After receiving a music scholarship at Fettes College, she trained with Scottish Opera following 7 years of singing lessons in Italian Classical/Bel Canto technique with Anne Lewis (GSMD).


Her university years at Durham (Psychology) were spent mostly in the theatre where Hannah was involved with over 25 students productions: touring, performing at the local theatres and at the Edinburgh Festival. It was then she decided to formalise her love for theatre and performance, applying successfully to attend the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Graduating with a distinction in Musical Theatre, Hannah’s vocal training at the RCS with the likes Scott Harrison, Ros Steen, Bill Wright, Jean Sangster and Pat Hay opened up her mind as to the endless possibilities of the voice and the actual science behind what is a very delicate, emotional creature at times.

Influenced by Estill, Bel Canto, SSL, CVT, SOVT, Husler, Nadine George, Alexander Technique and the Laban Movement, Hannah’s style of teaching combines a number of ideologies which are tailored to suit each individual pupil. No-one is exactly the same in the way they learn, and in this sense, no one ‘school of thought’ will 100% satisfy every pupil and singer. Her research is bolstered by her own career as an actor and her degree in Psychology, aiding her teaching methods from both a methodical and practical perspective.

As a performer, Hannah has performed across the world in musicals, plays and everything in between.

For more information, visit her instagram @misshannahhowie or her performance website – www.hannahhowie.com 

She also plays violin and piano, and always rises to a good challenge…!

Ready To Begin Your Singing Journey?

Join over 600 singing students who have changed their lives by learning to take control of their voice.

What You’ll Learn…

How To Find Your True Voice
We have so many influences musically caressing, bombarding and affecting us every day. It is no wonder that sometimes you can think – what does MY voice actually sound like? Accent and locality come into it, your life experience, vocal anatomy and set up, along with your vocal choices and skills which will increase with lessons. But ultimately, it’s all to do with confidence. The more confident you become in the sound your produce, the more authentic your sound, story and style will become.
How To Breathe When Singing
One of the most common complaints is running out of breath during songs, especially towards the end or as the melody intensifies. A lot of this is to do with you not releasing properly between phrases, so the tension in your body firstly parasites some much-needed energy, and secondly, the diaphragm doesn’t release enough to allow a vacuum to open up and the automatic inhalation to rush in. Release and relaxation techniques can help you get through that song and live to tell the tale!
How To Keep Your Voice Safe
Dust, smoke, pollution, dehydration, curries, coughs, colds, medicines, the pill, menstruation, depression, allergies, poor voice technique or sports injury. All of these can affect your voice massively. Did you know some decongestant medicines strip all the moisture from your vocal chords? Did you know that your vocal chords thicken up during your period? Did you know that depression can lead to or be linked with voice loss? All of these questions and concerns can be answered by Hannah, and she can instruct you how to live a healthier vocal life.
Warm Up Techniques
If you go to the gym, you warm-up, right? So why do we not warm up our voices every morning? Consider this – 1) your voice is another muscle/group of muscles which produce and create your sound, and 2) it is likely you will speak, shout, cough, sing and hum throughout your day, ie: use this muscle! Hannah can teach you quick, simply warm-ups to get done every morning for ten minutes to waken up the voice and get you ready for the day.
How To Practise Effectively
You can have all the enthusiasm in the world, but no structure – that’s where Hannah comes in. She will provide you with a detailed post-lesson email outlining all your progress, all the new work and the all the things to practise complete with MP3s to sing alongside. And of course, she will on the end of a phone if you have a burning question. Structure = sorted!
How To Command A Room
How many times has your voice been needed in an intense situation, and you felt let-down? Job interviews, work nights out, vulnerable moments, commanding a room…your voice becomes unsteady, unreliable and ‘gives you away’. By confronting your fear head-on in taking singing lessons with Hannah, you’re already half way there! The rest is about building technique, pushing yourself beyond what you thought capable and investing in your bank of confidence so that when the time comes, your voice will be right there with you.

And much much more!

Your Learning Process

Set Achievable Goals

Total beginner? No idea how where to start? Fear not, Hannah and you will sit down together in your first lesson, listen to your voice and concerns right now before setting goals together which are realistic but also provide you with a little challenge. In facing our fears, we grow the most!

Make Steady Progress

Rome was not built in a day. In the same way, your voice is an instrument which requires strong foundations on which to build and grow and support your sound. Taking your time to build your vocal foundation at the start with Hannah will pay dividends in the future; those high notes, that sound quality, that confidence – they are all achievable with time, good practise and taking the right steps.

Receive Feedback

Hannah also sends a post-lesson email detailing what happened in the lesson, new terms and new steps you have taken together, complete with MP3s to listen, follow and practise alongside before your next lesson. Little and often is best, warming up the voice in the morning and trying out the exercises in the freedom of your own space and sound.

4 Steps To Vocal Success

Request Lesson

Click ‘Request Lesson’, fill out the short form and Hannah will be in touch you.

Attend Lesson

Come along with an open mind for your first lesson. Hannah will welcome you, have a quick consultation about your background and voice before getting onto your feet for some warm-up, technique and singing!

Set Your Goals

This is the number one thing to do during your 1st lesson. Work out your ‘why’, and from there, you can set your goal and aim. Eg: Why = I get embarrassed easily. Goal = to sing an open mic night, face my fear and boost my confidence!

Make progress!

Hannah will help you reach your goal on a structured, challenging and creative journey which is unique to you. Buckle in!

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